How We Lose

What American Pie 2 (2001) Taught Me

Yup, American Pie 2.  Basically a raunchy comedy on a beach.  What the hell could this teach me about life?

I was 20 when American Pie 2 came out. All my friends were in college and I had just dropped out because a girl I really liked did something not so nice to me and now I was angry at everything. I was looking for some familiarity in my life – the people who had once been there.  But they were at school and I was living in my parents’ home working at Blockbuster.

Guys, we lose people.

We lose friends to time. We lose lovers to others. We lose others to death.

That’s where American Pie 2 comes in.  Kevin is holding on to High School like it’s going out of style.  And while the film is hilarious and a favourite Summer movie, the poignant not so subtle message is that things change.  People change. Things get weird. And we find out in sequels that so do friends. Oz doesn’t make it to the Wedding and everyone seems okay with it. Sure, sometimes this hurts. But remember the impression you’ve left.

Lesson 5: Never forget, when a chapter ends, you’re changed. But you’ve changed others too.

Losing someone is kind of like the end of a chapter and the start of the next.  You know more than you went in with.  But by flipping those pages, you’ve also changed the spine on that book, the wear on those pages.  Never forget you’ve left your mark as well – so make sure it’s a good one.

In the time we share with one another, we laugh, learn, grow and move forward. People need to carry on too. And sometimes when a friendship ends, that’s all the time you get. The chapter is over.

Then something remarkable happens. Your mind makes wonderful memories. And what was once lost is now strong and has been rejuvenated anew.  Maybe it’s the scent of a day at the beach or the sight of your old college pub, but memories are the remains of those chapters that molded you. That built your foundation. And there’s always the American Reunion.

So don’t worry about the guy you knew when you were twelve or the girl you dated for a few years. It was a nice chapter of life. And yes, that chapter left you with valuable lessons and possibly pain or sadness. But it’s all important.

Remember what you should and keep what was well alive in your life. For now, you’re onto a new chapter, sure to have some more of the same…only, this time, you’re no longer the same you.


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