Never Forget: Han Shot First

What Fanboys (2009) Taught Me

Fanboys is definitely something to share with that friend you hung out with in high school arguing over the forbidden love of Luke & Leia. And for the record, they didn’t know they were brother and sister, you dirty heathens.

Back in 2009, I had just moved into a new place with two women. Neither of them knew anything about “Han shooting first” or the replacement of Sebastian Shaw in the re-mastered final Return of the Jedi scene.

See, I had to move in with these two ladies because my roommate Mark had scored a great gig back in his hometown.  Before he moved, we used to debate for hours how Yoda should’ve been able to take the Emperor in Revenge of the Sith. Or how Harrison Ford really was the best part of Star Wars and how Luke was a complete tool until Jabba’s palace. Mark has since created his own business with a bundle of great dudes (all who know about Greedo and his original demise) and he’s really happy. But back in 2009, I wasn’t so much.

I was living with people who didn’t get me and I couldn’t be myself around them.  That’s really hard. It sucks when you have to move away from the good times – no matter how dorky they were – because those are the times that help shape who you are. And to me, Star Wars mattered.  Mark and I were no longer roommates and I was really missing my friend.

Enter Fanboys.  I sat in the theatre watching the stuff of yester-year, laughing and remembering past times through characters that had no business relating to anyone. But they did.  It’s a small story that illustrates how moving forward doesn’t necessary have to mean you give up on your own “Death Star” (Luke’s superlative moment in history).  I mean, Mark’s out doing that today, and I’m writing for you, piecing together these moments of nostalgia.  We’re both doing something that we love.

Lesson 3: Growing up doesn’t mean giving up who you were.

And sure, over the years I’ve put away the plastic light sabres and a lot of the Kevin Smith rhetoric. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t still first in line for The Force Awakens.  And Mark was the first person I dialed when it walked out of the theatre.

That conversation lasted 2 hours.


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