Everyone Fails, Even Our Heroes


What Star Trek Beyond (2016) Taught Me

In this world, you can only really be a part of one camp.  Star Wars or Star Trek.  I’ve always leaned heavily to the Force, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed some Star Trek over the years.  In fact, when Abrams released his reboot, I was at the first showing with a friend of mine who is a real Trekker. No big deal.  Well, it wasn’t until I said aloud, “Explain to me why this is going to be better than Star Wars.   You know I’m a Star Wars guy.” A billion eyeballs lasered their focus on my cranium.  Stupid Kennedy. Very stupid.

With that said, I love that Star Trek reboot more than any prequel of Star Wars.  So when Star Trek Beyond was getting rave reviews, I had to check it out.  It was a fun flick!  Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil it for you. It’s only been on Digital HD for a few weeks and I know a lot of people haven’t seen it yet.  But trust me, it’s a fun flick.

It’s also interesting to see one of the bigger Kirk story lines in one of these movies.  He doubts himself.  But how? This is Captain James Tiberius Kirk we’re talking about!  He has all the answers, knows all the angles, can predict all the outcomes and wears a yellow shirt – he can’t be in any real peril?!

Lesson #9: No one, not even our heroes, have it all figured out.  And sometimes they fail.

There’s a heartbreaking scene in the film when you realize, Kirk is not enough.  His command is not enough.

We all look up to someone.  Maybe it’s our Father or Mother, maybe it’s our Director at work or a Teacher who has provided a little more wisdom than you thought possible.  And when we screw up, we feel like we’re letting our heroes down.  We always imagine if it was our hero performing that task, they wouldn’t have stumbled here or missed this number.  But our heroes don’t have it all figured out either.

No one does.

And that’s why we have to trust and have faith in only what we can do.  We can only work the numbers so many times until they don’t make sense in our heads anymore.  We can only strategically set a schedule so far before we’re pulled into another project.  We can only get to as many baseball games as we can get to before the Umpire calls the game.  The point is, we all fall sometimes.  Kirk sure did, but he always finds a way back up.  And we have to get back up, stand tall, take ownership for that failure and do it again.

You’re going to fail a lot of times in your life.  You’re gonna land in the mud and wish you hadn’t.  But don’t forget, before you were laying in that mess, staring up wondering what happened, your hero laid in that same spot, asking the same question, before he or she pulled  them self out too.

Now get up.


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